Thursday, 22 September 2016

September 22, 13:00

leaves lose their tree
float to the river
flow away from here


a tree is very slowly escaping
from one season to next
feet dipped in the brook


leaves fade
into the earth, the stream
the roots of the tree go slowly


old tree on the mountain
red leaves tall
fresh water ponds the ancient stones


leaves down
water fall
rainbow says hello


“time to travel with the stream”
that’s how the tree
lets its leaves go


every season of this flame
the fresh stream laps
the old old roots


something hides behind the tree
waken to the twittering
a tiger goes back to sleep


noisy water fall
quite read leaf
neither one knows


leaves float 
the water sounds like rain
 summer gone


leaves would like to leave
by swimming 
the tree


leaves down
branches empty
everyone waiting for birds to sing


red leaves 
fallen from the old tree
green shoots from the roots


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