Tuesday, 27 September 2016

fireflies and eyes of owls
light up
a gloomy summer night

chirping of cicadas 
breaks the silence
of a torrid afternoon


teddy bear
loved dearly
peeks out of the rubbish bin

384400 km away
from the moon
a pale blue dot


red leaves over the tree roots
still cliff
and water falling

thunder in the distance
roaring of 
lions on the savanna


read the lines on my palm
read the expression on my face
but you don’t know what I have in mind


dizzy rabbit
rushes through the kaleidoscope forest
not finding the way out


sun rises
I feel warm
when I see him


cascade around
the old tree’s roots
red leaves just now fallen


chocolate melts
in a precious white handkerchief 
in the child labourer’s hand

frowning eyebrows 
weary lips
on a rapping clown’s face

bright-colorer butterfly
lands on a blind man’s hand
and is swatted 


new butterflies 
sip nectar
in the picture

little red rose
still blooming
at the bride’s funeral


breezes sway the tree
leaves land 
in fallen water

dogs chase butterflies 
on a high hill
where sheep grazes


the bore tree
takes in the river
thought its leaf strewn roots


saddlebrown roots
gold maple coated
water rushes over

a small brown bird
lights up the night
voice of the nightingale 

flowers of tree
and fade


near naked beggar
under cardboard
outside the tailor’s shop


lazy cat
frozen goldfish
staring each other


blood drips from the muzzle
of the crawling cat
dead mouse in his paws


riding on a roller coaster
Mr. Bean
has fallen asleep

pushing through the waves
stared at by the seagulls


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